Texas Crime Prevention Agency was requested to assist in Governers Abbott’s Security detail. 11 plus S.O.R.T. officers were deployed along with unite commander Traylor, Team commander Mcadams and Second Lt. Turney, Director of operation Hernandez and Caption Barba and other security officers.

We were requested to control protesters keep them in the outer perimeter of the R.O.C.K. Church compound.

                                         Left Cpl. Espinal & CWO1, Serrano

Upon Governer Abbott arrival Commander Traylor & Team commander McAdams assisted in escorting his team and the governor

                                      Governor Abbott & his Security detail

inside the R.O.C.K. Church which hosted Governor Abbott.

The church was filled to capacity with T.V. Crews and well wishers. It was an honor to have been requested to do this security detail for governor Abbott.

Some protesters were able to get inside with tickets for the event, but our S.O.R.T. quickly handle the situation without any issues. 

Texas Crime Prevention Agency was also securing V.I.P. such as George formen. 

Texas Crime prevention Agency wish to Thank all our officers for their outstanding performance and professionalism during the event.