Our Security Patrol Services offer a cost-effective alternative to hourly security, providing continuous monitoring of your establishment’s daily activities. Conducted by highly trained security patrol officers, this service includes periodic spot-check inspections throughout the day and night.

Dedicated Security Patrol Services

Our dedicated patrol service features uniformed officers in marked security vehicles conducting day and night patrols in neighborhoods. Texas Crime Prevention Agency ensures a visible security presence, employing officers with police or military police experience. Real-time web-based technology, including GPS tracking and the Automated Reporting System (ARS), enhances client access and security.

Security Patrol Solutions for

Enhance neighborhood security with our dedicated patrol service, providing visible and experienced officers supported by cutting-edge technology. Ideal for residential areas, commercial spaces, and entertainment venues.

Why Choose US for Your Dedicated Patrol?

Amidst reduced police patrols due to budget cuts, Texas Crime Prevention Agency offers a reliable alternative. FBI statistics highlight the preventable nature of home invasions, occurring every fourteen seconds. Our visible security patrols act as a robust deterrent, significantly reducing crime risks. We actively contribute to deterring neighborhood crimes, particularly burglaries, with responsive officers engaging residents to address community issues. Choose Texas Crime Prevention Agency for tailored security solutions and daily crime deterrence.

Benefits of Dedicated Patrol Service

Texas Crime Prevention Agency is a member of the Greater Houston Partnership and the National Apartment Assoc., maintaining the highest ethical and professional standards in the security industry.


Elevate your community’s security with our dedicated patrol services. Contact us now to fortify safety, deter potential threats, and ensure peace of mind for residents and businesses alike.

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