Ensuring Safety in Residential Spaces At Texas Crime Prevention Agency, we prioritize the security and safety of residential areas. Our Residential Security services encompass specialized solutions tailored for various housing communities. Whether it’s safeguarding Homeowners Associations (HOAs) or ensuring Multi-Family dwellings’ safety, our commitment remains unwavering in creating secure living environments.

HOA (Homeowners Association)

Texas Crime Prevention Agency understands the unique security needs of Homeowners Associations. Our tailored security programs offer comprehensive solutions, including neighborhood patrols, access control, visitor management, and community-wide security measures. We aim to foster a safe and cohesive environment for residents within HOA communities.

HOA Security Solutions Highlights

For your HOA community, we offer specialized security solutions that fortify neighborhoods and ensure a safe living environment for residents.


For Multi-Family residences, Texas Crime Prevention Agency offers specialized security solutions. Our programs encompass on-site patrols, access control systems, emergency response planning, and safety education initiatives. We aim to provide a secure living environment where residents feel comfortable and protected within their shared spaces.

Multi-Family Security Solutions Highlights

Secure your residential security today with our comprehensive solutions, ensuring safety and peace of mind for all residents.

Elevate your residential security standards. Contact us today to customize specialized security solutions, ensuring a safe and secure living environment for your community.

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