All Our Programs, Courses Are Reality-based.

At Texas Crime Prevention Agency, We provide a diverse range of training disciplines aimed at enhancing officers' skills in their field. Additionally, we have the capability to develop specialized programs designed to address the specific needs of the agency. Our commitment is to offer comprehensive and customized training solutions.

What is Reality-based Training?

Reality-based training at TCPA is grounded in the modern conflict situations officers encounter in their daily duties. Aligned with the use-of-force continuum of the jurisdiction, our training imparts practical and applicable skills for real-world scenarios.

Here is just a small list of our training programs.

Master the essential skills of drawing your weapon efficiently and safely in high-pressure situations, ensuring readiness for any encounter.
Acquire effective hand-to-hand defensive tactics to handle close-quarters encounters, enhancing officers’ ability to protect themselves and others.

Fine-tune the art of drawing your weapon, emphasizing precision and speed in response to evolving threats.

Undergo comprehensive training on the effective use of defensive pistols, PDWs/carbines, and shotguns, ensuring proficiency across various firearm platforms.
Master techniques for retaining your weapon and recovering it in crisis situations, ensuring officers maintain control over their firearms.
Equip yourself with the skills to respond spontaneously to edge weapon threats, enhancing situational awareness and reaction time.
Learn defensive tactics and avoidance strategies for ground situations, ensuring officers can effectively navigate and protect themselves in different environments.
Gain proficiency in the use of advanced retractable batons, a valuable tool for close-quarters defence and control.
Master tactical cuffing techniques and resistance strategies to safely and effectively handle individuals in various scenarios.
Develop skills in “slicing the pie,” a tactical method for clearing rooms and navigating spaces safely and efficiently.
Understand and apply the force-on-force matrix, integrating decision-making skills with realistic scenarios to enhance officers’ readiness for dynamic situations.

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Civilian Self-Defense

Firearms – all forms of handguns, and rifles.

Some examples of how you will use these weapons in the five ranges of combat are: “HAND vs. HAND” “HAND vs. KNIFE” “HAND vs. STICK” “HAND vs. GUN THREATS” gun, rifle. As well as counter training, such as knife counter gun, gun counter gun, etc. we also use weapons of opportunity and improvised weapons, such as water bottles, CD jewel case, tie etc. And much more!