Texas Crime Prevention Agency specializes in Event Security, Fire Watch, and Traffic Control, ensuring flawless events, swift fire watch responses, and smooth traffic flow. Our dedicated team guarantees top-tier safety, customizing solutions to your needs. Rely on our expertise for heightened security standards, safeguarding what matters most to you.

Event Security

For seamless and secure events, T.C.P.A. provides Event Security services that encompass various aspects, ensuring the safety and enjoyment of attendees. Our professional team specializes in unauthorized person restriction, theft protection, property policies enforcement, entertainment detail security, incident reporting, and emergency assistance. By having onsite security, not only do you enhance the safety and comfort of your guests, but you also elevate the professionalism of your organization, especially for corporate events and conferences.

Event Security Services

Hire Texas Crime Prevention Agency as your event security agency to ensure smooth and safe operations while enhancing your organization’s public image.

Fire Watch

T.C.P.A. stands ready to respond immediately to any fire watch request, deploying our officers with minimal notice. Our dedicated fire watch security officers remain on-site until your fire detection system is fully functional and approved by the fire marshal. Rest assured, our officers are available 24/7.

Fire Watch Highlights

Our officers are equipped to handle emergency responses, evacuations, and notifications, providing you with timely reports and notifications to the fire department as needed.

Traffic Control

The Traffic Division of T.C.P.A. excels in designing, implementing, and overseeing large events where maintaining a smooth traffic flow is crucial. Our thorough analysis of parking situations allows us to provide clients with a personalised plan, ensuring efficient vehicle arrival and departure and creating a stress-free experience for event attendees, office goers, or church service attendees.

Our clients rely on T.C.P.A.’s expertise in traffic control, backed by well-trained officers skilled in managing car flow systematically. We prioritise maximising parking space while emphasising pedestrian traffic and safety. The Texas Crime Prevention Agency’s Traffic Control services cover a diverse range, from funeral motorcades to long-term traffic control projects.

T.C.P.A. offers a comprehensive menu of top-quality traffic control security services, including
And much more, ensuring a seamless and secure traffic management experience.
Secure your events, fire watch needs, and traffic management with our specialized solutions. Contact us today for tailored security services that prioritize your safety and streamline your operations

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