At Texas Crime Prevention Agency, our Special Operations units are dedicated to swift responses and strategic security measures. Our C.I.R.T. (Critical Incident Response Team), S.O.R.T. (Special Operations Response Team), and Fugitive Task Force ensure preparedness, protection, and effective recovery from critical incidents, focusing on humanitarian aid, tactical responses, and fugitive apprehension.

C.I.R.T. - Critical Incident Response Team

In the realm of humanitarian aid, T.C.P.A.’s C.I.R.T. plays a crucial role in disaster recovery with a focused mission to expedite the timeline between calamity and recovery. This includes distributing essential items like food and water, along with disseminating critical information to accelerate the recovery process. Additionally, C.I.R.T. conducts pre-disaster training for communities, ensuring they are well-prepared with necessary resources. Beyond humanitarian efforts, C.I.R.T. integrates a robust security element, securing personnel and facilities during aid distribution, reinforcing a comprehensive approach to crisis management.

C.I.R.T. Highlights

In times of crisis, C.I.R.T. stands as a beacon of hope, combining swift humanitarian aid, proactive training, and robust security measures to help communities recover and rebuild. Our mission is to minimize the impact of disasters and provide a sense of security during challenging times.

Fugitive Task Force

The T.C.P.A. Fugitive Task Force (F.T.F.) is dedicated to apprehending and prosecuting dangerous and repeat offenders who are fugitives from justice. Certified through the State of Texas, our professional team collaborates with federal, state, and local agencies to gather information and execute successful operations. Our objectives include recovering potential losses on surety bonds, supporting private investigations, and assisting in the apprehension of fugitives for our clients.

Fugitive Task Force Services

Our objective is to serve the interests of our clients and the public, reinforcing the credibility of the bail bond system by bringing fugitives to justice and recovering our clients’ assets.

S.O.R.T. - Special Operations Response Team

The Special Operation Response Team (S.O.R.T.) is a designated security team recruited, selected, trained, equipped, and assigned to resolve critical incidents involving threats to public safety or natural disasters within our clients’ property or events. S.O.R.T. teams focus on both tactical and non-tactical solutions, increasing the likelihood of safely resolving critical incidents, whether man-made or natural.

Our Special Operations Response Team (S.O.R.T.) is dedicated to enhancing the performance and professional status of security personnel. By providing credible training resources and fostering tactical development, S.O.R.T. aims to elevate public safety and security through education, analytical expertise, and tactical excellence

S.O.R.T. Highlight

For more details on our S.O.R.T. Division and services, please visit our sister site at special operations response team (uscpctdtc.wixsite.com)

Our S.O.R.T. division is committed to enhancing security through training, expertise, and strategic response, ensuring public safety in critical situations

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