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Texas Crime Prevention Agency excels in delivering specialized private security services, focusing on corporate security, event security, private investigations, and executive protection. Our commitment extends to providing top-tier solutions that go beyond the ordinary.
Offering expertise in corporate security, event security, private investigations, and executive protection, including specialized teams like S.O.R.T.
Adapting swiftly to changing circumstances, providing customized solutions beyond the limitations of public law enforcement structures.
Delivering more cost-effective security services compared to in-house teams or relying solely on public law enforcement.
Investing in cutting-edge security technology and equipment to offer state-of-the-art solutions for protection and surveillance.


Texas Crime Prevention Agency is dedicated to providing top-quality security solutions in Houston, TX. Our mission is to ensure client safety, satisfaction, and peace of mind through the highest quality security services.


T.C.P.A. prioritizes hands-on client relationships, guaranteeing 100% satisfaction with swift issue resolution. Our commitment is to deliver immediate results, ensuring clients are happy with the outcomes.


As a division of U.S. Crime Prevention Corp, T.C.P.A. is a Security Solution Firm known for highly trained Officers. Our unique divisions, meeting specific security needs, emphasize standards and competence to handle high-risk situations effectively.

Security Excellence

Strategic, Trained, and Client-Centric
Security Services

Discreet Operations

Operate discreetly like private investigators, ensuring low profiles for clients and protecting sensitive information.

Training and Resources

Rigorous training, extensive resources, and versatile skills to handle diverse situations, from routine patrols to crisis management.

Reduced Response Time

Swift response through monitored dispatch, ensuring rapid deployment to incidents and mitigating risks effectively.

Training and Client Partnership

Offer free training programs, including self-defense seminars and gun courses. Partner with clients on initiatives like food drives and humanitarian aid.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find quick and informative answers about our security services. If your question isn't covered, contact us for more details.
Texas Crime Prevention Agency provides a range of security services, including armed and non-lethal security, event security, private investigations, and executive protection. Our specialized teams address diverse security needs.
We maintain high standards through rigorous training programs, employing experienced professionals with backgrounds in law enforcement and the military. Our officers undergo continuous training to stay prepared for various situations.
Absolutely. TCPA offers tailored security programs to meet the unique requirements of each client. Whether it’s corporate security, event management, or private investigations, we design solutions to address specific security challenges.
TCPA stands out due to its specialization in reality-based training, advanced technology use, and a commitment to discreet operations. Our flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and community initiatives contribute to our distinct approach.
Yes, Texas Crime Prevention Agency is fully licensed and insured as a security contractor and private investigation agency in Texas. Our license number is TXDPS # C19118. We are a security solutions firm with a focus on providing the highest quality security services in Houston, TX.
Contact us through our website or call our dedicated line. We offer free consultations to discuss your security needs, provide information about our services, and offer personalized quotes based on your requirements.

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