First understand that Texas Crime Prevention Agency we DO NOT HAVE GUARDS!! Guards are dime a dozen. Can be hired in masses as most company’s do. We hire guards and training them to become officers. This is NOT an easy task, as most guards are use to doing nothing and getting paid for it.
T.C.P.A. takes pride in our officers and offer FREE training. WHY!!?? :

1) LIABLITY…If the officers is trained correctly the company’s liability goes way down. The more knowledgeable the officer is, the less likely they are to break laws, company policy even post orders.

2) Knowledge is power!! The more the officer knows and understands the better for the company. The officer can get promoted within the ranks instead of going outside which causes other issues when that does occur.

3) Bragging rights!! We can say with all honesty that we do have the best trained officers. We invest in our officers. Once trained and have the power of knowledge, They feel better about them self and their ability. We want our officers to be confident in their abilities and skill set. Their life may depend on it and their understanding of laws, policy and procedures.

4) Selling tool!! With better trained officers that know policy, laws that pertain to security, post orders.
not to mention Gun handling & Guns safety, Verbal De-escalation, Firearm proficiency, defensive tactics etc…we can ask for more, which in turn helps the officer as well.