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Texas Crime Prevention Agency is private security Houston company. We offer a wide variety of security services in the Houston metropolitan area and surrounding territories of the city. Every security officer, security guard, and private bodyguard we employ is highly trained, evaluated, and instilled with our values of professionalism, integrity, responsibility, and partnership. Each member of our security company has no less than five years of experience in either military, law enforcement, or the private security sector; many of whom are bilingual. We source only the most competent and polished individuals who are specially trained in high-risk, emergency, and combat situations. Our security company is proud to have a vast amount of experience under our belts, so we have the knowledge and skill-set to accurately handle any situation which might present itself.  

Houston Security Services

If you are thinking that your business or event needs more protection or crowd control, look no further because we are the security company for you. We are the foremost provider of private security that Houston has to offer. Our company offers security services and solutions for short or long-term commercial, institutional and residential security, so no job is too big or small for our diligent security officers and guards to handle.


A bodyguard or personal security solution might be a necessity to keep you and your loved ones out of harm’s way. If that is the case, TCPA has the private security services needed to make you feel safe and comfortable.  


We also offer security training, which provides an abundant amount of knowledge regarding everything from general information to firearms training and conflict resolution.

Benefits of Contracting Texas Crime Prevention Agency

Encompassing a vast 600 square miles, Houston Texas has recently risen to the third most populous city in the country and this meteoric rise does not show any sign of stopping in the coming years. These aspects place a serious strain on law enforcement in Houston, limiting their ability to effectively patrol this sprawling metropolis—this creates a serious void in safety and security services; leaving a need for security programs and security solutions that a private security services provider, such as Texas Crime Prevention Agency is highly trained to meet. Ranking number three on the FBI’s most dangerous cities, especially regarding burglary and theft, Houston security services demand is at an all-time high.

The general peace of mind you will receive from our contract security on the premises is a genuinely priceless commodity to have. We understand that our clients work hard to earn what they have, so we work hard to keep your livelihood as safe as can be. Having a TCPA security guard on the premises means an immediate response time to any conflict or incident that might arise. Our security company offers security programs designed for maximum protection with minimum constraint. This allows your employees and patrons the freedom to conduct their responsibilities and business in a comfortable manner, while still having a feeling of security at hand.

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Real cases

First Baptist Church Sutherland Springs, Tx

26 Dead Including 8 children and one unborn, 20-Injured, Ruger rifle and two handguns, Killed by a church neighbor. Mentally unstable court-martialed by USAF on two counts of assault on his then-wife and assault on her child, domestic situation.

Devin Patrick Kelley26 year old, November 2017

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