ALL our program’s / Courses are Reality Based.

We offer a wide Variety of disciplines to help advance the training that the officers may need in the field. We can also design an issue specific  program to meet the agency’s needs. Below is just a small list.

What is Reality Based Training?
Training and survival skills based on modern conflict situations that the practitioner / Officer is likely to encounter in their environment, their day-to-day tour of duty (their “reality”),
in accordance with the use-of-force continuum of that jurisdiction.

1) The Art of drawing your weapon

2) Hand to Hand Defensive Tactics

3) The Art of the Draw                    

4) Defensive Pistol , PDW/ Carbine and shotgun

5) Weapon Retention / Crisis Weapon Recovery

6) Spontaneous Edge Weapon Response

7) Ground Defensive Tactics / Avoidance

8)Advance Retractable Baton

9) Tactical Cuffing / Resisting

10) Slicing the Pie

11) Force on Force Matrix


FIREARM – All forms of handguns, rifles.
Some examples of how you will use these weapons in the FIVE RANGES OF COMBAT are: “Hand vs. Hand” “Hand vs. Knife” “Hand vs. Stick” “Hand vs. Gun Threats” gun, rifle. As well as counter training, such as knife counter gun , gun counter gun , ect…We also use weapons of opportunity and improvised weapons, such AS water bottleS, cd jewel case, tie eTC.


U.S. Crime Prevention Corp.
Tactical Defense Training Center
Texas Crime Prevention Agency Director of Tactical Training &
Program development – CWO5. Traylor  (346) 235-8213