Special Operations Response Team

 One of S.O.R.T.’s mission is humanitarian aid:

A) Shrink the time between disaster and recovery.
Disaster recovery is a complicated and stressful process for survivors. S.O.R.T.’s mission is to shrink
that time between disaster and recovery.
B) Handing out food, water and other essential items, as well relay information needed to
speed up the recovery process.
C) S.O.R.T. offers pre-disaster training to prepare communities and individuals by getting the
right items such as water, non-perishable foods items and alike together. So that when a disaster occurs, communities and individuals are prepared.

               S.O.R.T.’ s Protection of assets and personnel:

S.O.R.T. also works with businesses to:
A) protect their assets by providing security in the wake of a disaster.
B) S.O.R.T. can assist with managing any natural, civil, pandemic or technological disaster including
terrorist attacks.
C) S.O.R.T. can be deployed to affected or disaster areas to protect personnel, so they can
return to work sooner and with a clear mind and that their safety is assured.
D) Help secure client businesses or recover assets.
E) If needed establish our M.E.R.C. unit “Mobile Emergency Response Center.”
Headquarters for long or extended security coverage.
F) S.O.R.T. provides incident management team to support emergency management
operations i.e. FEMA, local L.E.O. and emergency units.

U.S. Crime Prevention Corp.
Tactical Defense Training Center
Texas Crime Prevention Agency

Director of Tactical Training &
Program development – CWO5. Traylor