A survey by HID Global of more than 1,500 IT Managers, Directors and staff, as well as Chief Information and Chief Technology Officers, reveals how perceptions about physical security have changed. Among the findings found they need physical security to protect employees, visitors, and assets from internal and external threats. When you think of physical security within a Banks, credit unions, and savings and loans, protecting against robbery tops the list of external threats.

As well as homeless and vagrants, Thieves gravitate to banks because of the perceived notion that they will gain access to large amounts of cash. As a business, your job is not only to protect the assets entrusted to you, but also to protect personnel and customers. As a result, training calls for employees to cooperate with a bank robber, making financial institutions appear to be an easy target.

Banks, credit unions, and savings and loans have policies and procedures in place that will mitigate and minimize losses due to external theft in the form of robbery, burglary, or larceny. According to FBI records, threats occur in both high traffic and remote locations, due to the perceived availability of money, proprietary information, or customer data.

The mission of the T.C.P.A. is to enhance the performance and professional status of Security personnel by providing a credible and proven resource, as well as a forum for the development of tactics and information exchange within physical bank security industry.

T.C.P.A. establishes high Standards to serve as an efficient core set of concepts, principles and policies to standardize and enhance the delivery of security, public trust and customer service. T.C.P.A. concepts related to physical bank security planning and implementation of security measures including the risk management process and the various roles involved in the planning and implementation of physical bank security.

Security objectives:
• Identify the components of physical bank security planning and implementation
• Identify the components of the risk management
• Identify the roles in physical bank security

T.C.P.A. has implemented several policy documents that guide physical security planning & implementation.
A. Physical Vulnerability
B. Lighting Systems
C. Vaults
D. Alarm Systems – General
E. Silent Robbery Alarms
F. Closed-Circuit Television Surveillance Systems
G. Automatic Teller Machines
H. Teller Stations
I. Opening Procedures
J. Closing Procedures
K. Key and Combination Control
L. Pass word  Visual alerts that eminent danger is present for teller and bank.
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