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Texas Crime Prevention Agency is among one of the security services Houston offers, with both commissioned and non-commissioned security officers. No matter which route you choose to go, we can guarantee that our officers are well-trained, licensed, and insured. All our security officers undergo extensive evaluation and background checks throughout their time with us to provide you with the best possible security services Houston has to offer.


While planning out an event, security should be high on your priority list.  If you need to contract security services in Houston for a small or large-scale event, then we are the company for you. We have extensive experience and a proven track record when it comes to event security. Contact us today to help protect your event and ensure that everything goes as planned. Security services for events include:

  • Restriction of Unauthorized Persons
  • Theft Protection
  • Restricted items search
  • Enforcement of Property/ Client Policies
  • Entertainment Detail Security
  • Incident Reporting
  • Emergency Assistance

Having security working onsite for any event you host is not only a way to give you and your guests comfort and security, but it also helps to add to level of professionalism individuals perceive about your organization. This is especially true for corporate events and conferences. By providing security and protection, you are showing potential business partners, investors, and associates that you genuinely care for their well-being and their own personal interests.

Certain venues require a security officer for any event that brings about a large number of people such as a wedding reception, sporting or entertainment event. It is crucial for an event to run smoothly and safely while enhancing your organization’s public image. It is beneficial to you and your organization to hire Texas Crime Prevention Agency as your event security agency.


We offer a patrol vehicle security program which will conduct surveillance of your company and property; just the presence of one of our patrol vehicles on or near the premises is enough to ward off most potential burglary or theft because the area will no longer appear to be an easy target for these criminals to take advantage of. This is a cost-effective security service compared to our hourly security guard service to monitor the daily activity of your establishment.. It involves periodic, spot-checked inspections of your property by one of our highly trained security patrol officers throughout the day and night. Common places that typically take advantage of this security service include:

  • Property Management Companies
  • Residential Neighborhoods
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Shopping Centers
  • Entertainment Venues
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Commissioned vs. Non-Commissioned Officers

Upon consultation and evaluation, our security company will be able to determine what level of private security services your business or institution requires based on your unique need.

In the state of Texas, a “commissioned security officer” is used to describe someone who is authorized to carry a firearm. These individuals are highly trained in advanced security services and are often employed to protect money, expensive items, or high-security locations. If your security needs involve any perceived or actual threats or you are worried about the safety of your customers and staff, a commissioned security officer may be the best choice for your business.

Non-commissioned or unarmed, security officers are limited to the functions of observing and reporting. This type of guard service is popular when the threat level is low, and the use of an armed security officer could cause undue concern.

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Security Programs, Solutions And Services For Your Safety

Ranking number three on the FBI’s most dangerous cities, especially regarding burglary and theft, Houston security services demand is at an all-time high.

Having a TCPA security guard on the premises means an immediate response time to any conflict or incident that might arise. Our security company offers security programs designed for maximum protection with minimum constraint.

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