Home Security:

Texas Crime Prevention Agency provides security patrol services to ensure that homeowners feel secure in their home or have peace of mind when they go on vacation. Security patrol services can make you feel secure when you go for a walk or jog or when your children go outside to play. 

Vehicle and foot patrol keep your property and residents safe from potential risks as well as providing detection of security issues that are happening. Texas Crime Prevention Agency officers can perform regular or irregular, foot or vehicle patrols on your property and around the perimeter to ensure that all potential threats are detected in a timely manner. Our patrol vehicles are equipped with lights, and security emblems. licensed, bonded and insured and available 24 hours.

Special Events: 

Texas Crime Prevention Agency provides security solutions for any event including corporate gatherings or galas that may require a uniformed guard service. We provide well-equipped and trained visible security guards that secure the premises and protect your guests. Our firm has the option of hiring an armed or unarmed security guard for an hour or double shift, depending on the specific need.

Our security guards have at least five years of experience in the military, law enforcement or private security sectors and receive training every 30 to 60 days. Our team is trained extensively in emergency and combat situations and have to pass a background check.

Cutting-Edge Security Officer Technology:

We offer security solutions in real-time with our Automated Reporting System (ARS). This GPS-equipped technology allows you to easily check on the status of your security officer, including daily reports with updates and pictures of your home or special event.