Religious facilities Officers

Despite being known as a place where many gather to worship, religious facilities seem to be the main target when it comes to attacks, both terroristic and domestic. In our current society, religious facilities at some point are prone to terror, vandalism, thefts and other acts of violence. Unfortunately, many of these crimes targeting our churches, mosques, and synagogues have been violent in nature and threaten the lives of the community. Even when the lives aren’t at risk, valuable artifacts and antique pieces at these facilities can be at risk of being stolen, damaged or destroyed.

With this in mind, religious places require specialized security officers that balance the security services with the sensitivity to the sanctified nature of the atmosphere. If that is the level of security you are looking for, then look no further than the services of Texas Crime Prevention Agency. We provide the utmost security to religious facilities located in the Houston area of Texas. From churches, mosques, synagogues, and temples, our religious facility security services can cover many places of worship across our great state.

Our Religious Facility Security Security

Texas Crime Prevention Agency is the leading security services company in the Houston area, based in the heart of Houston, Texas. We offer reliable and proactive security services to wide range of industries including hotel security, apartment and condominium security, vehicle dealer security, businesses park security and church and religious facility security.

Our security team at Texas Crime Prevention Agency has been providing proactive security solutions to religious facilities in Texas for eight years. This is why we are familiar with the unique requirements of churches, synagogues, mosques and other religious facilities.

Our security officers for religious facilities are well trained, professional, and courteous; and are dedicated to protecting your facility from potential security threats. They create safe environments in your religious facilities with 24-hour monitoring, scheduled patrols, and efficient security solutions.  Based on your needs and our expertise, Texas Crime Prevention Agency will review, customize, create and enforce the most suitable and cost-effective security services for your church and religious facility.


As a reliable private security company, we can provide efficient and responsive security services to religious facilities which are given below:

  • Access Control
  • Monitoring Through CCTV and Other Equipment
  • Patrol Premises and Surrounding Areas
  • Providing 24/7 Protection
  • Enforcing Parking Rules
  • Deterring Vulnerabilities and Dangers
  • Reporting to Management
  • Complying Local Laws and Guidelines
  • Planning Appropriate Security Solutions
  • Monitoring Entry, Exit and Critical Points


By being a leading security services provider for church and religious facilities, we understand that security officers are our valuable assets who carry our reputation on their shoulders.

We ensure that our each and every Texas Crime Prevention Agency security officer is……

  • Carefully Screened and Documented
  • Undergoing Various Phases of Training
  • Available as Armed, Unarmed Uniformed and plain clothes
  • Polite and People Friendly
  • Providing Security Services to All Sizes of Events
  • Detecting And Assessing Potentially Dangerous Situations And Effectively Respond
  • Using CCTV and other Advanced Security Equipment
  • Personalized Security Solutions for Unique Security Needs of Event
  • Working with Management
  • Familiar with Local Security Concerns

Security Programs, Solutions And Services For Your Safety

Ranking number three on the FBI’s most dangerous cities, especially regarding burglary and theft, Houston security services demand is at an all-time high.

Having a TCPA security guard on the premises means an immediate response time to any conflict or incident that might arise. Our security company offers security programs designed for maximum protection with minimum constraint.

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