The Benefits of a Random Patrol Service

When you choose a security service, you have plenty of options, especially when you choose a company such as Texas Crime Prevention Agency. One of the many options you will have is our random patrol services, which can be arranged either for your residence or your business. Random patrol services have been around for many years. In fact many police departments have used random patrols and for good reason, which is that they work and are extremely effective. Here are some of the benefits:

Random Patrols Are a Deterrent

Random patrol services are effective in acting as a deterrent in preventing crime. The mere presence of a security vehicle or security guards will make would-be criminals think twice about attempting a robbery or something worse. Plus, many criminals often stake out the areas, so many will surely be aware of the random patrols.

It’s Hard to Predict

Many robbers, whether it’s those who are planning to rob a house or a business, plan it out in advance. If a security patrol only operates at a set time period that is part of a rigid schedule, the robbers can work around that and still attempt the robbery. However, a random patrol service will be hard to time, meaning that they will not be able to plan out the robbery and are thus less likely to do so.

It Provides a Sense of Security

While security services do provide real, tangible benefits, one of the benefits that they also provide is a sense of security. In other words, they provide peace of mind. By hiring a random patrol service, you’ll know that security is not far away at any point in time, and that any suspicious activity has a high likelihood of being spotted.

It Allows for a Faster Response

While having a full-time security guard at the location 24/7 would be the most ideal scenario, random patrol services would be much more cost effective, while also allowing for extremely fast responses to any alarm breaches or emergency calls. They will never be too far away because of their patrol route and can get to the location extremely fast.

It Gives You Options

If you’re planning on taking a family vacation somewhere and don’t have a neighbor to “check up” on your house or have someone that can make sure everything is okay at the small business that you run, a random patrol service would be perfect. You’ll be able to have security guards that will make sure that nothing has been broken into and that everything is the way that it is supposed to be. During their random patrols, they can even make sure that the doors in your business have been properly locked. How extensive you want it to be is up to you! 

Determining which security service is right for you means assessing your own needs and your own budget. Contact First Security Services today, and we’ll be happy to work with you in determining if a random patrol service would be beneficial for you. It’s not for everyone, but it certainly has proven its worth!

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