5 Reasons Why You Should Hire Private Security for Your Next Event

You’ve spent a lot of time preparing for this moment. The live entertainment took months in advance to book, three different catering companies were vetted for the perfect menu, and you’ve made sure the venue is decorated exquisitely. Your guests will surely be impressed.

But haven’t you forgotten one critical component? When you are hosting a party or corporate event of such scale, security should be one of your top priorities. Especially true for events with high-profile guests or fundraisers with big-ticket items, security plays an essential role in keeping your guests and property safe. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider private security for your next event:

  1.   Manage your guest list

A security guard at the entrance of your event ensures you can focus on your invited guests without having to personally handle party crashers. Plus, you avoid the uncomfortable position of having to ask someone to leave the venue.

  1.   Discourage and address bad behavior

Large events, especially those serving alcohol, can be breeding grounds for disorderly behavior. Not only will uniformed security guards deter crowds from getting too rowdy, but security will be able to intervene if certain guests become hostile.

  1.   Prevent theft

From glittering awards galas to silent auctions, security guards are crucial. With guests dressed in their finest jewels and high-value fundraising items on display, it is important to have security on premises to prevent theft inside the venue. Another thing to think about: car break-ins. So many vehicles in one place make an event a huge target for auto theft. Having a security vehicle patrol the parking lot should also be considered.

  1.   Secure your employees’ safety

It’s not just your guests you have to worry about. Servers, hosts, catering crews, and janitorial staff often remain at the venue long past when your last guest leaves. Don’t let them walk back to their cars in the early hours of the morning without a dedicated security guard to accompany them.

  1.   Guarantee your peace of mind

Being prepared for whatever might happen enables you to focus on the experience and needs of your guests. Putting your mind at ease is well worth the investment.

At Texas Crime Prevention Agency, our team of highly trained security professionals are fully capable of managing the safety of your guests and staff. With no less than five years of experience in law enforcement, military combat, and private security, our officers are skilled in high-risk and high-value personal protection situations.

If you are hosting a large corporate event, awards gala, fundraiser, silent auction, or exclusive party, we are available to assess your private security needs. Contact the Texas Crime Prevention Agency today for a consultation.

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