Private Security Services vs. Local Law Enforcement

How safe are your company’s assets? What are the benefits of hiring private security? Is the cost of hiring a private company worth it? Shouldn’t you just rely on local law enforcement to do that job? The choice of whether to spend the money on a private security services or not rests is dependent on these questions.

Encompassing a vast 600 square miles, Houston has recently surpassed Chicago as the third most populous city in the country and this meteoric rise doesn’t show any sign of stopping in the coming years. These aspects place a serious strain on law enforcement in Houston, limiting their ability to effectively patrol and protect every nook and cranny of this sprawling metropolis. Even though the head of Houston’s police union announced that there would be an increase of 500 officers over the next five years, Chief Art Acevedo believes that there needs to be over four times that number to adequately deal with the population growth in Houston. This knowledge re-centers the argument from neglect and incompetence to a shear lack of resources experienced by law enforcement. While initiatives are being developed to mitigate these problems, how long can your firm wait for these solutions to take place? Ranking number three on the FBI’s most dangerous cities in Texas, Houston residents and businesses are at an especially high risk for burglary and theft.

Hiring Texas Crime Prevention Agency, a third-party who has a vested interest in protecting your employees, customers, property, and assets is probably the best decision you can make for your business or event. While there is a cost involved (usually anywhere from $15-$45/ hr. depending on experience and whether the guard is armed or not), the peace of mind that you will receive is priceless. The old cliché, “better to have, and not need, then to need, and not have” rings especially true when it comes to having back-up on hand. The benefits provided by hiring a private security team, such as Texas Crime Prevention Agency, include:

  • Less stress for you as the owner, allowing you more time to focus on  running your company
  • Steep decrease in shoplifting, crime, and employee theft with the presence of on-site security
  • Real-time monitoring of security cameras and systems
  • Increase in employee morale and dedication after they see you are committed to and concerned about their safety
  • Secure escort for employees and customers after dark


These are the reasons that the private security industry is becoming one of the fastest growing in the country.


The truth is, you as a business owner and an individual cannot keep blinders on to the possibility of threat and theft. We do not live in an idealistic utopia, and desperate times often result in drastic measures taken by individuals trying to hit a lick or come up in the world, so don’t let allow yourself to become an easy target. Texas Crime Prevention Agency has the skill-set to provide a feeling of safety and comfort – whether it’s at a corporate campus, office building, bank, college or university, religious institution, shopping center, or dealership. Private event or massive event, Texas Crime Prevention Agency has the personnel to cover any circumstance from a personal celebration to a large-scale sporting event.


If you have any need for these private security services or any questions, feel free to contact us through our website.

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