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A Personal security solution is something that every individual seeks for whether he or she is some bureaucrat, corporate leader, or a celebrity. With a heightened risk of personal injuries, hiring a bodyguard from a trusted bodyguard service like Texas Crime Prevention Agency is recommended.  We can arrange for a safer visit to the public events, find preemptively safer routes, and take every important step to keep you protected.

When you need personal protection around you, it is good to hire the services of a bodyguard or uniformed security solutions that remain available round the clock for a peaceful night’s sleep. You may also need uniformed security, especially when managing some sensitive material or attending special events.

Our team of bodyguards are highly trained to handle close combat situations, be it at any public place. To ensure complete peace of mind, our Houston bodyguards undergo specialized firearms training to safely operate handguns and tasers that they carry along.

Bodyguard Specialists

For on the clock security, the best option is to hire or appoint a bodyguard service in Houston. We always watch every step and cover your back, so you needn’t worry about it.

If you are a sports star or an actor, your personal bodyguard in Houston would escort you to events or save you from being stalked. Our bodyguards also specialize in protecting children and keep them safe from looming threats. We ensure to keep them out of harm’s way, no matter what.

To help you in this search for that perfect security executive, Texas Crime Prevention Agency (TCPA) can provide you Houston bodyguard services for all your security needs.

How Can TCPA Help You?

Our private Houston bodyguards service is equipped to handle all your safety concerns at home and in the public as well. They are dedicated professionals who can collaborate and coordinate with the local police or other private bodyguards in Houston during hours of need. Our professionals are also tasked to train on threat and risk assessments to analyze any potential security weaknesses.

During foreign travel, one or two of your bodyguards will exit first to screen the location security and based on that, you will be asked to step out of your car. In case they feel there is security lapse, they will immediately move you from that location to a safer place. Our Houston bodyguards for hire are trained to make you feel safe and comfortable.

Professionalism at Its Best

We understand your privacy concerns and assure you he or she will be privy to your private life and will show discretion and maintain confidentiality. With excellent technological devices, you will always stay in constant connect with your bodyguard. Whether you are on a shopping excursion or a private vacation far from the media glare, we make sure that you stay protected and enjoy your space.

Our private security officers are observant, approachable, disciplined, courteous, and have good interpersonal and communication skills, which makes them interact with people around you and judge other’s actions.

We provide complete background details regarding your personal bodyguard in Houston before appointing them for your safety. If you have any specific requirement for female bodyguards also then we can provide trained female professionals who are equally qualified and skilled to handle difficult circumstances.

We can escort you from your hotel to your destination in a protected environment. If you are a celebrity, then we can offer you Security Personnel who are not only smart enough to handle media persons but also tackle crazy fans.

They are trained to handle huge crowds in stadiums and events. Those who are in the spotlight can always rely on us for their protection so that they can carry on with their activities in a stress-free manner.

Celebrity Personal Protection

Diplomats and celebrities need not worry about public safety as our team of bodyguards for hire in Houston can travel with you to all overseas locations with proper travel documentation.

They are well-equipped and skilled to handle combat situations also in case of sudden emergencies even in a foreign location.

Who Can Avail TCPA’s Service?

Customers from different spotlight backgrounds can avail executive security guard or bodyguard services. Even individuals from industrial and affluent business families who are in public eye can take the help of our services.

You will feel safe under the protection of our skilled Protection Officers who are experienced personnel with ample knowledge about their city limits and the weapons which they will carry under the jurisdiction of law.

  • Our bodyguards in Houston can quickly assess your situation and provide safety measures that can help you escape difficult situations.
  • Our executive protection team can plan the safest routes, ensure your safety inside buildings by doing a pre-check of the premises.
  • They research about the background of people you will be meeting, vehicle searching, and escorting you for all your daily activities.
  • Your bodyguard or Personal Security officer is trained to take decisions during high-risk situations risking lives.

What is unique about TCPA?

“We are passionate about your security and that is what makes us so dedicated towards our responsibilities.”

What makes Texas Crime Prevention Agency different from other agencies is that our security guard services in Houston are provided by much former law enforcement and military personnel with extensive training and experience. You can rest assured that your safety is in capable hands always. In other protection agencies, they mostly hire traditional guards for personal protection but TCPA’s bodyguard services in Houston involve highly trained professionals who are updated with the latest technologies.

Prompt Response and Action

You don’t need to wait hours for any cover as our bodyguards can be engaged at a moment’s notice, unlike others where they need to check the availability of their executives.

One of the unique quality about our Houston bodyguards is that even in high-risk situations involving your security as well as your family, employee, or business, they can quickly analyze the situation and advise safety measures and procedures that can protect everyone. They possess unparalleled tactical planning skills and excellent discretion to work under challenging situations

Executive Protection

Personal and Executive Protection may require direct and immediate action depending on the nature of the threat. They are alert enough to quickly assemble a team of experts who can help to reduce the threat to their client.

Loyalty and dedication are the traits that they always exhibit, irrespective of the challenges. Our executive protection specialists ensure your all-around safety by performing an initial check of your meeting places, keep a close watch over potential threats, and maintaining caution when traveling.

Look out for our services if safety is your prime concern, contact us today.

Security Programs, Solutions And Services For Your Safety

Ranking number three on the FBI’s most dangerous cities, especially regarding burglary and theft, Houston security services demand is at an all-time high.

Having a TCPA security guard on the premises means an immediate response time to any conflict or incident that might arise. Our security company offers security programs designed for maximum protection with minimum constraint.

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