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Bodyguards or unarmed/armed personal security agents are people who are highly trained to protect you and to secure your perimeter. You may be an A-lister, an elite celebrity, a political figure, a corporate executive, or anyone in need of a Houston bodyguard agency.

Texas Crime Prevention Agency provides a veritable army of trained personnel who are usually, former police detectives, military or security agents entrusted to analyze all heightened risks of personal attack that suit every situation.

When you hire our private security services, we will arrange for one or more personnel from our bodyguard protection team who are trained to deal with tactical and close quarter conflict situations. TCPA bodyguards will accompany you to private or public events, scour for any potential threats, pre-emptively identify escape routes, and take action to keep you safe.

Our services are customized to suit any scale and gravity of your security needs.

Why Hire Bodyguards or a Private Security Service?

When you oversee a company having worth in millions or are in the public eye, you are prone to many security threats and vulnerabilities. If you feel that your safety is in danger, we’re here to cover your back to minimize any damages.

As per latest reports from Area Vibes, the rate of crime in Houston is 67% higher than the rest of Texas while it is 88% higher than the national average.

In such situations, our bodyguard services in Houston are the most recommended safety measure that you can take. They are well-trained in safety and close combat type situations that comply with the Texas Private Security Bureau (TPSB) requirement and standards.

Our guards are trained to work swiftly to curtail any looming threat. They can access the safest routes and exit points. TCPA’s robust security mechanism can save you from a possible assault, control a rowdy crowd during a special event, or handle any high-risk situations.

Why Rely on Texas Crime Prevention Agency?

We are a privately owned and managed security agency with headquarters in Houston, Texas. As a licensed Houston bodyguard agency, we have been building sustainable and long-term relationships with our customers.

We believe in ensuring your security at any cost. With a wide range of private security services at your disposal, we make sure that you always feel safe. Every security guard hired by our agency is well-evaluated, highly trained, and experienced to offer robust protection when you get stuck in dire circumstances.

Personal Protection Evaluation

As one of the most professional private security firms in Houston, we plan a client’s day as meticulously as possible. Complete safety and security of our clients are on top of our agenda, irrespective of their profile. The process begins with a careful assessment of personal protection needs. We then evaluate the client’s existing security program and ensure improvements as and where required.

Depending on initial consultation and a detailed personal security assessment, we can devise the best methods to keep you safe, no matter what. We believe in being proactive when your security is at stake.

A Team of Well-Trained Security Officers

The bodyguards working with Texas Crime Prevention Agency are licensed and approved. Our security workers hold an individual experience of not less than five years in law enforcement, military, or private security industry. They are highly trained and meticulously tested for combat actions. They can efficiently handle close-quarter assaults.

With their expertise and professionalism, we have debunked the misconception that security officers and bodyguards are as efficient as their knuckles and guns are. Well, we are of the belief that if our officers rely on these traits, they probably aren’t fit for the job.

They learn the dynamics of safety and protection under vulnerable environments. In fact, we ensure that they are trained to spot a threat even before it happens. Apart from security assessments, they identify the safest escape routes, read the warning signs, and drive elusively when it’s needed.

Intensive Screening of Applicants

Not many Houston private security services equip their officers with the latest communication devices and gear to ensure flawless operations. We do that. Our teams are well-armed with all required resources. We have set the highest quality, security, and safety standards for bodyguard services in Houston.

They comply with these standards conscientiously to display exemplary customer services. While our competitors use minimally-screened bodyguards, we recruit them after rigorous investigations.

The training procedures followed by us include defensive tactics for 24 hours protection, courses in patrol techniques, and mandatory handgun training. They are always up-to-date on handgun proficiency assessments. We ensure that they carry their credentials when on duty.

Compliance with Standards

Our team of armed and tactical uniformed security guards is trained to tackle high-risk and emergency situations while complying with requirements specified under Texas Private Security Bureau (TPSB). They know and follow the laws related to personal safety and use of firearms. We ensure that they remain in constant touch with the Police Department in Houston for immediate actions to be taken under high-risk situations.

Real-Time Protection

Bodyguards can work alone, or as part of a team, but they always stay close to their clients. They are trained to observe the surrounding perimeter and prevent any dangerous situations from escalating. For bodyguard services in Houston, our personnel undergoes specialized training for firearms, laws, and security to safely operate in cases of emergency.

Customized to Fit Your Needs

We know that personal security is a matter of concern for every individual. However, your security needs are as unique as you are. So, we work closely with all our clients to plan safety strategies that make them feel secure with complete peace of mind. We provide full-time or part-time Houston bodyguard services. We will offer armed or unarmed staff and specialized security services depending on your needs. In fact, you can rely on us for an all-inclusive approach to safeguarding your life from any threat.

You can request this service now by giving us a call or sending an email.

Security Programs, Solutions And Services For Your Safety

Ranking number three on the FBI’s most dangerous cities, especially regarding burglary and theft, Houston security services demand is at an all-time high.

Having a TCPA security guard on the premises means an immediate response time to any conflict or incident that might arise. Our security company offers security programs designed for maximum protection with minimum constraint.

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