Texas Crime Prevention Agency Dedicated Patrol Services

A Dedicated Security Patrol is having a uniformed security officer in a highly visible, marked security vehicle on neighborhood patrol. Patrols can be both day and/or night for a predetermine number of hours or shifts.

Texas Crime Prevention Agency has the experience, manpower and technology to supply you with the finest security services available. Our on-demand officer presence is a dedicated and powerful alternative for safeguarding businesses and communities.

Our Dedicated Patrol Service officers are highly trained. Many of our officers have police department experience and/or Military Police experience.  Our officers continue to receive updated training pertaining to laws and community involvement every 30 to 60 days.

With Texas Crime Prevention Agency, you get real time web based technology through our Automated Reporting System (ARS).  Our system allows you, our client, access to easily check the status of your assets. The GPS allows you to follow the officer’s movements in real time. The Guard Tour System will allow you to view and receive daily reports, including messaging and pictures pertaining to your property. Reports can be tailored to your specific property. Our Patrol Services continues to be on the leading edge of security technologies and service. This is why Texas Crime Prevention Agency’s Dedicated Patrol Service is second to none.

Why Texas Crime Prevention Agency for your Dedicated Patrol?

Unfortunately, funding has been cut for many police departments. Because of these budget cuts, there is less patrol going on, which can lead to an increase in crime. How-ever there is an alternative. Texas Crime Prevention Agency is picking up where police services cannot.

According to FBI statistics, a home invasion takes place every fourteen seconds.

87% of all home invasions are considered to be preventable.

Various statistics prove that regular and visible security patrols, greatly reduce the chance of home invasion or crime in the area.

With our professional level of security exposure, it really helps to keep the “bad guys” away as it has been documented through interviews with criminals. They really don’t like seeing security patrols. Criminals will always take the easiest route to their end goal, so if they see that your neighborhood or community has a security patrol, they will more than likely go elsewhere. Obviously, they would rather conduct their criminal activities with fewer risks than more, and committing crimes where there is a security presence provides more risk to them.

Texas Crime Prevention Agency can assist in deterring and reducing many neighborhood crimes.  The presence of Texas Crime Prevention Officers’ in your neighborhood can decrease and help prevent residential/vehicle burglaries and thefts dramatically.

The security officers of Texas Crime Prevention Agency are responsive, dedicated, and will provide personalized service to meet your community’s security requirements. They will work hard to become a trusted member of the community and deter crime in your neighborhood daily. Texas Crime Prevention Agency officers maintain continual, close and personal contact with residents.  As this relationship grows it helps the officer understand issues within the community and how to effectively deal with them.

What other beneifits can your community expect by hiring Texas Crime Prevention Agency as your securirty provide?

Our armed “Texas Commissioned Officers” who are assigned patrol duties, are specifically trained to look for unwanted persons on your property and are fully prepared to enforce your property rules, property violations, and can if necessary make an arrest when state laws have been violated.

We pride ourselves on our patrol service which is comprised of fully marked vehicles complete with light bars, spot lights and more.

Random drive by property inspections throughout the day and or night by an armed security officer. Depending on designated security hours.

Patrol officers will inspect property daily when participant is on vacation, and report problems immediately.

Officers can enforce no trespass and solicitation rules requested by the resident. Any vehicles or people not designated by the resident can be challenged by the patrol officer when found on the property of the resident.

Residents can direct their alarm service to call the number of a cell phone carried by our patrol officers in addition to the resident and other emergency numbers. When the residence is

unoccupied, the residents can speak with the officer by phone as he/she inspects the home of the resident.

Our Alarm Response will provide a security inspection of the homes with the home owners after an alarm incident.

Residents can schedule a patrol officer to escort them onto their property when returning under conditions that require additional security. The officer can inspect the outside and inside of the property if desired.

Residents may contact the patrol officer to report suspicious activity. Contact can be made by calling, emailing, or texting the cell phone kept in the patrol vehicle at all times, or by calling the patrol service dispatcher. Dial 911 for all emergencies.

Texas Crime Prevention Agency Officers are call responsive to the homeowners and are usually the first responders to an emergency both criminal and medical. Our officers react in real time so you community residents will always have someone to call when Texas Crime Prevention Agency is protecting your community.

Texas Crime Prevention Agency realizes every community is different. With different options and packages, our company can work with you to come up with the best security plan for your community. No community is too small or too large for Texas Crime Prevention Agency.

Texas Crime Prevention Agency is a member of the Greater Houston Partnership and the National Apartment Assoc.

Texas Crime Prevention Agency maintains the highest ethical and professional standards in the security industry. 


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